The European regional InSEA Congress in Helsinki, June 2018

The European regional InSEA Congress in Helsinki, held in June 18.-21. 2018 at Aalto University Otaniemi Campus in Finland. Aalto University is in the city of Espoo, close to downtown Helsinki.  The Congress concentrated on European and global issues around art education and its connections to societal and scientific topics. The goal for this InSEA Congress was to offer possibilities for intercultural and interdisciplinary conversations on most current and burning issues in contemporary art education. Different submission formats offered room for new ideas to appear among researchers, teachers, artists and project workers.

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Proceedings of the 2018 European Regional InSEA Congress: Scientific and Social Interventions in Art Education
June 18.-21. 2018 at Aalto University in Finland. 

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The event was endorsed by CUMULUS Association

2016 – InSEA Regional Congress, Vienna

‘Art and Design Education in Times of Change’

The congress happened during conflictual times in Europe; non tolerance; wars; economic crisis; forced migration; loss of faith in the existing democratic structures; corruption; monetary control and other issues were challenging our hope for a more peaceful society through education: The congress addressed formal, informal and non-formal arts educational contexts through practice informing research. The 2015 InSEA Lisbon Congress was a significant contribution, in Europe, to raise issues and build suggestions towards a 2015-2030 Agenda for Arts Education.

InSEA European Regional Congress in conjunction with APECV

‘Risks and opportunities for visual arts education in Europe’


The InSEA Regional Congress investigated contradictions that are stemmed by political, as social circumstances as well as technological advancement. On one hand, the current global economic crisis and the immigrants and refugees’ crisis in Europe correlated with the pervasion of new technologies in everyday life in order to address the demand of for new participatory approaches in governance, education and culture. These conditions supported new perspectives of teaching and learning art that address young pupils’ understanding of teaching content as well as the missing social skills in relation with new technology.


A few words about InSEA , from the European Regional InSEA congress, Lisboa, 7th july 2015

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2016 European Congress

Art and Design Education in Times of Change
University of Applied Arts Vienna
22–24 September 2016

 InSEA European Regional Congress: Tales of art and Curiosity: Canterbury 2013

The theme of the Meeting of Visual Arts Education experts was ‘’Tales of Art and Curiosity’’. Art Education scholars from 32 countries shared their Tales, Myths, and Truths of Art Education. Both InSEA and NSEAD members came from several countries including Australia and New Zealand to attend and participate in the congress. This InSEA European Regional Congress offered an opportunity for all visual art practitioners, academics including teachers and teacher trainers along with researchers and others working in the field to share their stories, expertise and research. The purpose was to create space for dialogue about and the exploration of art. Those researching the potential of art within educational settings could meet with practitioners engaged in developing process and application in which to create visual art.

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 ‘Arts Education at the crossroad of cultures’

This devoted and committed art(s) educators from all around gathered for the largest visual arts education event in Europe in 2012. It was a first class chance to present and attend new discoveries in the art education field. The geographical location inspired the theme of the congress that was ‘Arts Education at the crossroad of cultures’.

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European congress 2010 in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

The InSEA (International Society of Education through Art) European congress 2010 in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, offered an artistically and intellectually inspiring meeting in a fascinating context. The main purpose of the InSEA Society was the encouragement and advancement of creative education through art and crafts in all countries and the promotion of international understanding. Focusing on vital present and future issues and challenges of art education, the scientific and artistic program of the congress was designed to improve dialogue from diverse perspectives and to offer a platform for generating new visions and methods for the research and practice of art education at all levels and sectors.