European InSEA Congress – Baeza, Jaén


Being Radical

Making is Art and Education

​If we have solutions, our intention is not to dictate them. If we have answers, our intention is not to impose them. We want to be radical in the way we  make actions.  Art education blurs and vanish when we forget that its core is the artistic action.  In educational contexts, we have to often turned artistic practice into an adjective. Other times we transformed it in a goal or any other complement. Artistic practice is educational per se. The artistic action serves on the same dish the content and the form in which content is shaped; and  that’s why  its action is doubly effective.

What we propose, being  radicals,  is to bring artistic action to the foreground. We don’t want to talk about art or art education, we want to make it. Through the process of  making; the process is internalized and we are credible if what we are claiming for is what we carry inside us.

Because of all this,  the  axis of the congress is the format of the participation: let’s not talk about art education using scholastic ways do communication, let’s share  by doing it. In this way the participation and the organizational structure of the congress, are articulated around  action as  theoretical development.

The central theme of the congress is, therefore, the same: the action is always iniciated with a  starting point. Plenary sessions are actions that reflectively develop a concept,  but always  based on the action.  Presentations will be  real  actions  or graphic, videographic or audio evidence of actions.

At the end of the congress, the closing sessions will engage participants in collective dialogue and reflection. Other sub-themes of the congress will be all those we always bring, no matter what is proposed. Our social commitments, the  nature, the technologies. Through art everything is connected, consequently, every theme can be important.

Therefore, the invitation to participate in this congress is a call  to bring our experiences of art and education or artistic education through our own experience of art or education.